Craig Horwood Plastic Surgery

Craig Horwood is a unique Australian celeb who has come clean to say the truth of what he has done to be who he is. He was born on January 4th, 1965 and currently works as a judge in the Strictly Come Dancing. The show is aired on BBC on a weekly basis.

Some of the things he came clean about are the fact that he worked as a rent boy where he engaged in prostitution to pay for his dancing classes.  The guy was only 17 years old when he engaged himself with a 43-year-old guy who paid for his dancing classes for a whole year.

Though he declined to say the price he sold his wares for, the deal made him achieve all he wanted. He is now a great choreographer and a dancer too. Now he is popular for his strong critique on the Strictly Come Dancing and the crowd is always booing him almost every time. He also comes clean about plastic surgery of the nose and the breast.

Craig Horwood
Surgeries Nose job and Breast surgery
Age Born on 4th of January 1965
BMI 25.2
LBM 149.7 lb (Boer formula)
Body Fat
ABSI 0.05804
Weight 198.4 lb
Height 6 ft, 2 in
Waist 27 in
Skin Color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown

Craig Horwood Plastic Surgery

Craig Horwood Nose Job

It is not an easy interview for celebs especially when they are asked whether they were under the knife. Most of them don’t admit that they have changed their look. They go ahead saying that it could be the makeup they are using and they are very okay with their look and they got good genes that help them remain young though aging day by day.

Craig Horwood Plastic Surgery (2)

Craig Horwood admitted that he had some nose job done to him. He admitted of his honesty as he said that his previous nose was such a beak. He didn’t want his fans to compare his previous and current photos and then doubt how drastic his nose has changed. In the photos above, you can obviously see the nose is currently nicely shaped and fits his face very well.

Craig Horwood Breast Surgery

  • Reduced breast size after surgery
  • Changing his  breast shape
  • A-Cup Breast after breast procedure
  • Craig Horwood breast is appears more symmetrical

Craig Horwood Plastic Surgery (3)

It is not a joke that men can undertake breast surgery. On a serious note, Craig Horwood is one of the men celebrities who has undergone breast surgery to reduce them. The liposuction process was very crucial to him as a dancer. In the interview, he joked about it and laughed as he narrated the fact that this happened.

He said that his breast jigged on his face as he danced and this was quite awful and never liked it. He had to get the breasts reduced from “C-cup shape to an A-cup”. This meant dancing as wild as he could without feeling any pain. He confessed that the feeling was very fabulous.

Well, what an honest guy Craig Horwood is. Despite his toughness in The Strictly Come Dancing, he is one guy who makes honesty his virtue.

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