Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery

Victoria Beckham is one of the women who have a juicy beauty that is never fading away. She is married to the famous footballer David Beckham and they are blessed with four kids. The marriage must be very beautiful as it was marriage at first sight.

Victoria’s rejuvenated looks attract more than media attention. Other women might be trying to get the secret behind her never-aging looks. The makeup and good genes may work for a while but not until her current age.

Victoria Beckham
Surgeries Facelift, Rhinoplasty and Boob job
Age Born on 17th of April 1974
BMI 18.5
Body Fat
Weight 108 lb
Height 5 ft, 4 in
Waist 23 in
Bra 38B
Skin Color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown

Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery

A member of popular Spice girls, Victoria also wrote books, acted in drama series. Her popularity peaked while she was a member of the Spice girl’s band.  Her beauty has therefore been questioned since she has had it for so long. Could she have done some plastic surgery? Does she admit it?

Victoria Beckham Rhinoplasty

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The rhinoplasty or the nose job is a common procedure which is done by most celebs and politicians for various reasons. Though it is a common procedure, it should be handled by an expert and not a common street surgeon. The reason being that it can cause one to change their looks totally. To change to better or worse.

The surgeon who handled Victoria’s nose job must have been an expert in this job. Though Victoria has not confirmed the allegations, the photos were taken before and after are the tale tell of her nose change.

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Initially, her nose had a bulbous look which is not visible now. Her current nose in the after photo is streamlined and the tip is now well sharpened. She looks incredibly cool.

Victoria Beckham Face Lift Procedure

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The chances that Victoria Beckham has had facelift surgery is an allegation as she has not confirmed it. She has no wrinkles on her face which give her a flawless skin. At her age, some women are not in love with their face and beauty as she is.

Being Wrinkle free at this moment can be because of good skin care products or good genes but I doubt if all the speculations around would be lies. She is yet to confirm though it is evident all over. She has managed to cancel all the aging signs and assuming a new youthful look.

Victoria Beckham Breast Augmentation

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The reason why most celebs will go for breast augmentation or breast implant is to improve their sexual appeal. In the case of Victoria, one can only guess that she did it to get back her youthful look. After being a mother of four, one wouldn’t expect any firmness on the breasts.

She has confirmed that she had the breast implants though she regrets the decision. Her letter to the young self-was exposed as she advised the young girls not to admire having breast implants. Her bra size changed from 34A to 34DD. She did the unexpected by confessing this to the public.

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