Michelle Rodriguez Plastic Surgery

Michell Rodriguez owned her plastic surgery procedure though she might have done it unwillingly. She is a famous Hollywood actress who is best at almost everything. However, it is shocking that she shouted at her a fan who suggested to her that she should try something different on herself.

She is the kind of people who overreact at a situation and then worry about the situation. She seems to have sat down and summoned herself about the suggestion and the decision was final that she needs a change. Both her image and fashion changes after the dramatic moment. What exact changes did she undertake?

Michelle Rodriguez
Surgeries Nose job and Botox shots
Age Born on 12th of July 1978
BMI 20
Body Fat
Weight 120 lb
Height 5 ft, 5 in
Waist 25 in
Bra 38B
Skin Color White
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown

Michelle Rodriguez Nose Job

Michelle Rodriguez Plastic Surgery

Those who doubt the shape of the nose can’t determine ones look, they are wrong. Michell Rodriguez found it important to try the change by doing a nose. People are not yet sure if she is natural or not. Let’s clear the doubts by comparing her photo before and after the plastics surgery.

Initially, her nose had a broad bridge and a wide opening which seems to fill the whole face. After the alleged plastic surgery, she now has a slimmer nose with pinched openings such that you would think she has a problem breathing. The look is beautiful and pleasing.

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Michelle Rodriguez Plastic Surgery (2)

What she did was that she respected the fans criticism. Initially, she had answered to the fans in a rude way only to accept the changes. She noted that most fans were turning into haters and she had no otherwise than acting good to win them back. She explained her initial reaction was due to anger which it was not intended. She won her fans back anyway.

Michelle Rodriguez Botox Injection

Michelle Rodriguez Plastic Surgery (3)

Michell Rodriguez is now in her late 30’s and her face looks very fresh with no aging signs at all. This is a common thing with most celebs. They have known the secret of remaining young forever. Her face could have gained that look courtesy of Botox injections which uses fillers to level the skin and iron out the wrinkles and laugh lines altogether. She looks younger than her age and I believe the fans are loving it and she must be proud of herself too.

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