Lil Kim Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is now the most common word in media. It has been there though, in the current celebrity world, it seems to be a trend. Every actor, celeb, and famous politicians have undergone it or are planning to undergo it.  Some have confessed to having done it while others are still in denial.

Lil Kim is a famous rapper who has been there for decades and has amassed many fans. Throughout the years, she seems to have transformed over and over such that she is not herself anymore.

It’s not certain if the guys she rolled out with like the Puff Daddy and Notorious Mafia would recognize her either. She has done several Plastic procedures on her face which every time they surprise the fans and followers on social media.

Lil Kim
Surgeries Facelift and Nose job
Age Born on 11th of July 1974
BMI 24.4
Body Fat
Weight 121 lb
Height 4 ft, 11 in
Waist 25 in
Bra 42E
Skin Color Caramel
Hair color Black
Eye color Black

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery

What Exact Procedures did Lil Kim undertake?

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery (2)

It is not easy to tell that someone is suffering from low-self esteem until you find them doing strange things with themselves. The dramatic changes, especially on Lil Kim’s looks, talk a lot to the audience. She has proved to have had issues with her black race. In case this is the issue, she has done a lot to change from the sweet smiling girl to a totally different brown girl.

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery (3)

She has changed her nose from the initial wide one to the current narrow one. Her hair is now very long, straight and it is all a blonde. Her face is very different as her eyes to have changed.

The competition must have been too stiff in the American music industry for Lil Kim to an extent she thought to undergo several procedures. She must have undergone skin bleaching to achieve the white skin she has.

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery (4)

If you had known her as a black girl, she is now totally different, and you can hardly believe it is her. Some of fans and analysts have been saying that her actions are a proof that she doesn’t appreciate herself. She has also been heard saying that no man she has ever dated that told her she was beautiful. She felt unappreciated.

The damage is now done to a girl who didn’t appreciate herself in front of a mirror. She seems not to know the famous saying that black is beautiful. Did she have true friends that couldn’t stop her from going for the excess plastic surgery? Her face seems to have plastic surgery in excess such that she can’t survive without it.

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery (5)

Some of the damages that plastic surgery can do are irreversible. Lil Kim could have remained the beauty short lady she was. She could have done it to remain relevant in the market and win her more deals but instead, it has made her worse.

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  • What the hell happened to my favorite rapper. I loved her melanin but its No more? I just want her back. I wish I had the chance to tell you how beautiful you looked.

  • I blame all the men in her life. Why? They didn’t appreciate her. She is a talented woman but she faces discrimination because of her color. I am sure she would have learnt to love herself.

  • The big question is should teach you to love yourself? If you appreciate yourself everyone will. I hate her current look. So plastic.

  • I love her current look. If it has helped her to fit in then why not. If it means more bucks why not. Go on Lil Kim be all you want to be. I am your fan

  • Seriously, why criticise her? She looks great in her new look. Go do all you can with your body this life is too short to die without achieving your desires

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