Shawn Klush Plastic Surgery

Shawn Klush Plastic Surgery - before & after

Shawn Klush is one of the most unique and famous Impersonators in the whole world. He is passionate about what he does and has gone down the slippery road to be all he can be to look like the legendary The King Elvis Presley. This is a passion that has won him several awards and prizes as he expresses very well all that the king was.

It is true most of us have a famous person or a celebrity that we love but who can dare change his or her looks to look the same? Well, some of you start imitating their fashion especially in dressing mode and hairstyle but not many would change their body to look like their celebrity.

Shawn Klush is one in a million guys who were ready to go under the knife for several procedures to take his looks and performance to the next level. Are you curious which Procedures he underwent?

Shawn Klush
Surgeries Facelift, Nose job and Chin job
Age Born on 17th of June 1969
Body Fat
Weight 145.2 lb
Height 6 ft, 7 in
Waist 27 in
Skin Color White
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Dark brown

Shawn Klush Plastic Surgery

Shawn Klush Nose Job

As it has all been famous, all the celebs and famous guys undertake the nose job also known as rhinoplasty to satisfy their facial looks.  Some do it to make it look smaller while other make the tips look sharper. All these are to achieve a certain desire among them being to look younger or enhance beauty.

Shawn Klush Plastic Surgery (2)

Shawn Klush seems to have a different purpose when he sorts the nose job at the surgeon’s place. I suspect he had carried a photo of King Elvis so that the surgeon doesn’t make a mistake. The surgeon, on the other hand, seems to be a person who is detail oriented as he made Klush’s nose to be exactly as the Elvis. This was good job as the fans have confessed that Klush’s nose looks exactly as that of the King.  Was this not wonderful?

Shawn Klush Chin Job

Shawn Klush Plastic Surgery (3)

This is a crucial part of the face if one needs to look like another person. Klush seems to be a person who exactly knows what he needs and he went for it. Chin job involves reshaping the jaw or removing some flesh to make it smaller.

Shawn Klush Plastic Surgery (4)

In Klush’s case, it is evidence that he got some flesh removed which made it exactly as he wanted. He looks exactly as that of the King Elvis. The look was carefully altered and it looks natural and no one wouldn’t admit that Klush’s face looks like he desired.

The fans did their keen observation and noted that when they were doing the chin job, they also altered his teeth and this gave him the final look like King Elvis. This is what can be stamped as the possessive obsession with a famous person that Klush loved. Who knew that it would give him popularity and a career too? I am now confused if King Elvis hasn’t returned to this world.


  • I was always wrong. I thought he is a relative to the King Elvis. Plastic Surgery will not cease to amaze me. I love his looks

  • True love for you my best compassionate, I wouldn’t mind looking like a person I love after all it’s paying.

  • True love for you my best compassionate, I wouldn’t mind looking like a person I love after all it’s paying.

  • OMG !!!!! I too thought that is the way he looked !!!! never would have guessed he had surgery !!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!

  • From what I understand cause Shawn Klush him self and his family said Shawn never had any kind of plastic Surgery witch I do believe as truth Shawn in a interview did admit with certainty with out joking admitted his mother really had a one night stand with the real Elvis Aron Presley and that the man he Knew as his real father wasn’t his blood related father Elvis was Shawn keeps this from the press and his fans because i think if his fans knew he was Elvis real Son they be wanting him too make his own music in the style like his father and do tributes too his father and talk about him but Shawn never knew Elvis personally

  • Shawn Klush looks remarkably like Elvis & having Elvis Presley’s style & unique voice exemplifies a man who is articulate & delivers to the world what the original Elvis Presley left behind. God Bless you Shawn!
    Kindly Your’s,
    Angel, Lexi R.

  • I don’t care what he had done he still looks like Elvis , you can’t alter the voice which sounds just like Elvis , so keep on doing what you love and making people happy , thank you

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