Jillian Harris Nose Job

Jillian Harris gossip about her plastic surgery filled the air since she is one of the actresses in The Bachelor. She confessed to having been a victim of cyberbullying due to her looks. When asked why she had to undergo plastic surgery, she said apart from cyberbullying, she had to put down the anger of people on the internet calling her the “the hotdog nose” and put on the empathy to look good.

She is a confident actress, but the haters wanted her to feel negative about herself and maybe feel less important. On the contrary, Jillian Harris proved them wrong. It is not funny how people won’t notice her other beauty but point it out that her nose looked awful and out of place. How exactly was her nose?

Jillian Harris
Surgeries Nose job
Age Born on 30th of December 1983
BMI 19.4
Body Fat
Weight 106 lb
Height 5 ft, 2 in
Waist 24 in
Bra 38B
Skin Color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Grey

Jillian Harris Nose Job

Jillian Harris Rhinoplasty

It is clear to everyone that Jillian Harris underwent a rhinoplasty procedure. She is very true to herself and to all her fans and celebs are not wondering any longer whether she has changed her look. After her nose was pointed out to be the ugly portion of her face. She looked into the mirror and discovered it herself.

Jillian Harris Nose Job (2)

She did not just watch and wait for more rude haters to hit on her on the internet, she dialed the rhinoplasty service number to get her nose done. She had to change her initially broad nose with large openings to a new nose which had a narrow bridge with pinched openings.

Jillian Harris Nose Job (3)

There are other unconfirmed rumors that she might have done the nose job after suffering a broken nose. Oops, this sounds painful and if it is the case, she must have found it as a good opportunity to make her look better.

Unfortunately, Jillian Harris did not like the work done to her and there might be a revision of the job done. The photos were taken before and after shows the changes her nose has undergone so far. Nothing looked wrong with her new nose though you are free to compare and give your opinion on the same.

Surely, you never know what cyberbullying especially by strangers has done to most celebs Jillian Harris being in the front line.


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