Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery

Katrina Kaif is a busy Indian actress who has acted in movies like Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya? And Namastey London in 2005 and 2007 respectively. Being in Bollywood means you must be at your best look to win more and more chances to be in movies and advertising company.

Katrina Kaif seems to be one of the lucky ladies who was born beautiful. No much effort is needed to make her impress although some folks somewhere have the unconfirmed news that her beauty could be because of plastic surgery. Which are the exact procedures?

Katrina Kaif
Surgeries Nose job, Boob job, Cheek lift, Lip job and Botox shots
Age Born on 16th of July 1983
BMI 20.2
Body Fat
Weight 137 lb
Height 5 ft, 9 in
Waist 25 in
Bra 40C
Skin Color White
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown

Katrina Kaif Nose Job

Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery

First and foremost, Katrina Kaif is not the first or the last actress both in Bollywood and Hollywood who has taken the decision to visit the knife guy. As most celebs do, Katrina has not confirmed that she underwent a nose job.

For confirmation sake, the photos taken before and after the alleged plastic surgery were compared. The shape of the nose before surgery was ridiculously thick with a wide bridge. The current nose is slimmer at the bridge and has a pinched opening.

She got a good job done though she is yet to confirm the rumors. Her defending fans explains she might have done nothing as makeup can make her nose contoured.

Katrina Kaif Botox

Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery (2)

Katrina Kaif knows how it feels to grow old. Apparently, she was suffering a swollen face due to wisdom teeth infection. The media was not late to suspect and air the rumors that she has had Botox injection which looks botched.

This is sad as she cleared the air that she was swollen due to the infection she was suffering. She already had an appointment with the doctor to fix the problem and soon the fans will know the truth of the matter.

Katrina Kaif lip Job and Cheek Fillers

Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery (3)

No lady would hate to have the kissable lips that are very conspicuous. Kaif Katrina is suspected to have gone to get dermal fillers under her lips to make them look fuller. Still, no one has confirmed the news including those of cheek fillers to rejuvenate her look. The fuller look of the lips could be because of the color of the lipstick after all.

Whether she has done some plastic surgery or not, Katrina Kaif remains very cute at the age of 35. In fact, she is nicknamed barbie doll in Bollywood industry.


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