Vanna White Plastic Surgery

The hostess of the Fortune Wheel has remained beautiful and sexy for her entire life. Vanna White is one of those American fly ladies that will make heads turn every time they pass by. This is not a surprise since her job demands so. Every celebrity gets a depression when they think they don’t look the best while at work.

The secret to remaining youthful as Vanna who is already at her 60s are known by every aging celebrity. Why? Because they fear their looks to fade and be masked behind sagging skin and wrinkled face. When a celebrity who is best at hosting a popular television show start seeing the aging signs, this is the worst signal that her fans might be getting bored with them soon.

Vanna White seems to have visited the knife guy for several plastic surgery procedures although she is yet to confirm them. Let’s look at what the rumors out there are about Vanna’s plastic surgery.

Vanna White
Surgeries Facelift and Nose job
Age Born on 18th of February 1957
BMI 18.9
Body Fat
Weight 127 lb
Height 5 ft, 9 in
Waist 24 in
Bra 34C
Skin Color White
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown

Vanna White Facelift Procedure

Vanna White Plastic Surgery

One of the best invention that is very useful and has a long-term effect on keeping all the aging signs at bay is the facelift procedure. It has been sought by many though if overdone, it is capable of completely altering one’s look.

Vanna White is a classy woman who is a quality seeker. If these rumors are true, she must have gone the best surgeon who did her facelift. Although the signs of the facelift are not that conspicuous on her photos, the face’s skin has it all.

Vanna White Plastic Surgery (2)

It is rare to see a woman at the age of Vanna having a flawless skin like hers. She has a face like that one of a 30-year-old. Good genes have never achieved this at all. The skin around her eyes and mouth is very tight evading the wrinkles. The sagging skin is a thing of the past for Vanna. If these rumors are something to go by, they seem right.

Vanna White Nose Job

Vanna White Plastic Surgery (3)

When one looks at Vanna White’s nose in her before and after job, one can see the minute changes that she did to her nose. The changes must have been crucial in maintaining the youthful look that she has. In her before photo, the nose looked sharp, but the tips didn’t look pinched as they do in her after photo.

The plastic surgery done on Vanna is an excellent example of what is achievable at the surgeon’s if one makes the right choice. When Vanna comes out to confirm the rumors, then she will be an example of excellence achieved from plastic surgery.


  • Her sex appeal is on top notch she looks great. I think she was a lucky wheeler too to have gained the youthful look that makes her look so natural

  • Only the blind who can’t notice the size of the boobies have increased and they look perky and firm like that of a teenager. Woh nice eye candy

  • When I say Ivanna has always been the most natural host, I mean I doubt if she had plastic surgery. Damn this woman has the best genetics

  • She looks amazing and gorgeous. I won’t resist her job was done by a professional especially the boob job. Sexy and she knows it

  • Surely, Vanna White will remain my best celebrity. She is never in a hurry of anything. Her look is an example of good plastic surgery job done. She is gorgeous. Her age is just but a number

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