Lis Wiehl Plastic Surgery

Lis Wielh is a figure that one can read about the whole day and still get motivated to read more. She was born on November 28th, 1961. Currently, she is a busy associate Law School Legal professor at the University of Washington.

She is among the noted few sexy television personality in American TV. She is known to be smart in every outfit she chooses. Her education level is still high enough for all the learners to emulate. But do you still believe that the plastic surgery news is fake?

Lis Wiehl
Surgeries Facelift, Nose job and Chin job
Age Born on 28th of November 1961
BMI 23.3
LBM 127.9 lb (Boer formula)
Body Fat
ABSI 0.06676
Weight 172 lb
Height 6 ft, 0 in
Waist 29 in
Bra 34C
Skin Color White
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue

Lis Wiehl Plastic Surgery

Lis Wiehl Facelift

  • Tighter skin in her upper face
  • She looks younger as if she traveled back in time after the plastic surgery
  • More balanced facial fat
  • Reduced wrinkles in Lis Wiehl forehead
  • Enhanced lower eyelids
  • Less sagging skin in Lis Wiehl  mid-face
  • Lis Wiehl cheeks tissue was elevated which made her look younger
  • Less nasolabial (nose) folds
  • Reduced overall wrinkles in her lower face
  • Her marionette lines looks smoother
  • Eliminated double chin
  • Her neck looks younger.

Lis Wielh who was a famous senior anchor at Fox News and a popular author passed the test.  It still sounds strange how a 53-year-old pulled a look of a youthful lady in her 20’s. In her before and after photo, you can get a million reasons why she wanted the cosmetic surgery so badly.

Lis Wiehl Plastic Surgery (2)

Who wouldn’t count her lucky after going through several procedures successfully? Most celebs would have wished to be this lucky. This is because most of the results are disastrous.

The experts who handled her might have also tossed some wine for the success. What exactly happened to reverse her old looks? Rumours with basis have it that she had to enhance her facial features and other areas too were not left out.

Lis Wiehl Nose and Chin Job

Lis Wiehl Plastic Surgery (3)

To be precise, the facial features that Lis underwent included the nose job. Her before photo has the evidence that she had a broader nose. The fact that she acquired a nose that is slimmer with a tip makes her face clear and beautiful. This also pulls the youthful look that makes her glamorous.

The chin job was also invited to do away with the previous broad chin. This was done lightly to pull out the current pear-shaped face. The beauty must also be so proud of herself. Remember she was a recognized Fox news legal analyst and she had fans all over the world

She deserved to look young and beautiful than ever as this boosts confidence. She decided to undertake the risk and passed the test that most celebs have nose-dived badly. Her new look was welcomed as it carried with itself a new charm.


  • Who wouldn’t admire a lady with brain and beauty? She is a rare thing to find. A learned friend and a professor. I congratulate you Lis for the cute look.

  • I can’t believe this. I thought it was unconfirmed rumors that she changed her looks. I have been forced to read several blogs to confirm this. Most of them say that she has always been a beauty. Why would she want to do the nose job and so on?

  • I love all women that want to remain with their charm no matter the age. I want to be like you Lis. I am just from reading the book you wrote.
    You are my role model. I wanna be a Harvard graduate.

  • Crazy joke. Was this how she looked before? It was worth a while then. I am not sure if I would have remained the same either. Follow your heart, Lis.

  • I confirm this is true, her 6 feet height kills everyone especially when she is in short outfit. I can’t tire watching Fox Channel. You are an icon.

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