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India Reynolds is only 27 years old and she a place already in the modeling industry. She is an English model who is not jealous or teased by the upcoming talents since she is the one who mentors them to be like her. She simply shows the young talented models how to succeed in the model industry. This is when she signed to the Samantha Bond Modelling which gave her the role.

Have you ever noted that good deeds and behavior adds beauty to someone? There are no doubts that India Reynolds was born beautiful and has remained beautiful all the way. Most high profiled magazines have had her such a Playboy.

However, some people feel that models should remain as natural as possible while on this career. Some rumors have been circulating that India Reynolds in not natural and her beauty is enhanced by plastic surgery procedures such as;

The Nose Job

One thing that will make someone to consider going for the nose job would be to change the way it looks. The nose shape and size play a big role in one’s facial look. In the case of a model, doing a nose job can be considered to improve the beauty of her face. Others might have noted that a certain company will only close a deal with them if they look a certain way.

Initially, India Reynolds nose looked thick and caught a lot of attention. She seems to have taken the decision to make it smaller and up pointing. She has a great choice since the new nose looks good on her. It is well modified, and her surgeon must have been an experienced person who knows how to handle models and give them a good look. Until she confirms this, they are all sweet rumors.

India Reynolds uses Botox

It is not easy to notice that such a young celeb has already started using Botox injections to keep herself young. It sounds awkward but remembers it is never too late to use Botox so long as one is over 20 years. Botox is evident in when you compare her before and after photos.

Her cheeks in the after photo looked unusually full. This is as opposed to her before photo. Her face is also very smooth with no signs of aging such a wrinkle. She must have used Botox in a light way which was excellently done.

Whether this is true or rumors, India Reynolds remains a gorgeous lady who has a bright future for most to look upon.


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  1. OOh yeah those boobs are just out of this world

  2. I have a new crush on this lady Reynolds. So smark spongy boob

  3. I need such boobs urgently. They are so shapeful and perky. They will make ny boyfriend stay

  4. My girlfriend should not see me admiring this photo. This woman is blessed though

  5. I don’t imagine such a sexy look is natural. Plastic surgery got be kidding

  6. The woman is the beautiful fower i ever dream of. Any leads. She is so pretty

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