Linda Evangelista Plastic Surgery

Linda Evangelista Plastic Surgery - before and after

Linda Evangelista has been on the face of every magazine when she was a supermodel. It is strange how age catches up with someone and everything has its time for sure. For those who understand what it means to be a model can agree that the look of every model is very crucial especially the facial look.

It is not clear whether all models understand that one day, they will be old and never spotted on the runways again. For Linda Evangelista, she is now 52 and unrecognizable from the overdone plastic surgery she undertakes. Which are the probable procedures?

Linda Evangelista
Surgeries Boob job and Nose job
Age Born on 10th of May 1965
BMI 18
Body Fat
Weight 121 lb
Height 5 ft, 9 in
Waist 24 in
Bra 38B
Skin Color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green

Linda Evangelista Face fillers

Linda Evangelista Plastic Surgery

Linda appeared in a certain event where the cameraman captured her off make-up.  Being known for her glamorous looks which are not dependent on the kind of hair she rocks, this time she was totally different. It was not the haircut that changed her face, no. It was the excess fillers that are present on her face.

Her puffy look was worrying as it has changed many things on her face including the eyebrow which had an arched shape but now is they look elevated.  The forehead is very smooth like that of a baby while the laugh lines that appear around the mouth are not around. This means that she has used fat fillers in excess which makes her look swollen.

Linda Evangelista Botox Injection

Linda Evangelista Plastic Surgery (2)

Botox injections are a popular means to escape aging signs. All celebrities have either secretly used it while others have confessed to having used it. For instance, Linda Evangelista has openly admitted having used Botox Injections several times.

She has also come clean that she used Thermage which helps stimulate collagen. She said that she simply uses it as an enhancer such as make-up or even hair color. Despite the side effect of Botox injections such as minimized face movement, she uses it though she said she loves moving her face.

This can’t stop her from using anti-aging technics since she will stay away from wrinkle troubles and remain young. In fact, Botox enhanced her skin and cleared the wrinkles which are apparently a trouble to women her age.

Generally, apart from the excess fillers which make her look different, she still her charming body shape. She is still tall and slim and looks way much younger than her true age.


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