Angelina Jolie Breast Implants

Angelina is a lady who is beautiful, admirable, and desirable and above all, she is blessed with acting and was a wife to Hollywood movie star, Brad Pit. She has received many awards because of her talent in acting e.g.  golden globe. Breast implant was done to her known as double mastectomy since she feared because her lovely mummy had died of breast cancer and so she thought it could have gotten back to her since it is said like mother like daughter.

Jolie’s mum had died 10 years ago she was fifty-six years old after fighting mercilessly with that killer disease known as cancer. Jolie’s love Brad Pitt was bumper to with her wife to make sure that she underwent the three months surgery on her breast and that the tissues were removed and replaced with the implants.

Angelina Jolie Breast Implants

Angelina Jolie
Surgeries Boob job
Age Born on 4th of June 1975
BMI 18.6
Body Fat
Weight 119 lb
Height 5 ft, 7 in
Waist 23 in
Bra 40C
Skin Color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Grey

Angelina Jolie Boob job

Angelina Jolie Breast Implants (2)

Jolie was disobedient when doctors requested her to wait for three months before her surgery was done this was to give her body a break after tissues in her breast were removed but she pretended to be wise and refused. this information about Jolie disobedience is not well confirmed its said to be rumors but rumors are not far from the truth.

Jolie feels that she is a strong woman despite that double mastectomy was done on her breast. just before her boobs were removed she called her thirty girlfriends and made a party with them where they celebrated them.

Angelina Jolie Breast Implants (3)

After the surgery gossip is spreading all over that Jolie is regretting why he agreed to go for the surgery since she has been affected by side effects like pain the shoulder, back and also on her chest, she is also complaining that before she makes the right decision it is taking her a lot of time before she construct a right decision and all this may be have caused by infection in her breast. This is the time she realized that if wishes were horses even beggars would ride.

Infection in her breast may later cause her get back to the hospital for surgery again and this is so dangerous to her health. She is praying help her this not to happen since it may lead her to more troubles. From this analogy of Jolie, we can Cleary conclude that any lady, woman, girl or wife should visit a doctor and allow breast implant to be done to her.


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