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Rob Lowe is an American actor born in Charlottesville, Virginia on March 17, 1964. After appearing in ‘the outsider’ he changed his career into television. He has six Golden Globe Award nominations and in addition, has 1 Emmy nominations. He is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood.

Body maintenance as an actor is very crucial. Rob has likeliness of having undergone the surgery to maintain his attractive looking. Comparing his before and after photos, we can identify some of the speculations such as Botox shots, facelifts, and chin implants.

When Rob was asked about the surgery he denied and said they were mere speculations. He also added that he could not do any plastic surgery and his outlook was a gift from God

Botox shot and Facelift

Botox is commonly used by actors and prominent personnel who defy the aging to keep their facial outlook steady and younger. At his current age, Rob looks smooth compared to the people of his age. These are unproven beliefs since he himself denied undergoing any surgery.  Maybe Rob was taken a picture while he was tired and other taken while he was relaxed? Or does he have good genes that his forehead looks smooth?

At 51 years Rob his face looks younger than his age.  No frowns, no wrinkles and no lines in his face.

Rob Lowe chin implant and jaw lift

Chin implants make it a bit sharper while giving the whole face some great look. Looking at his current pictures Rob’s chin look sharper and protruding than it was at his younger age. This shows that she might have undergone some surgery though the proof is not enough.  Although his chin was long at his tender age today it looks unnatural.

The result of the chin implant is evident even without him admitting as whether he underwent the surgery or not.

Looking at his pictures we can that his face has reshaped an indication of jaw surgery. But still, this is not clearly evident since it might be the effect of weight loss

We may wonder why then should Rob Lowe supplement his natural beauty with some amount of surgery.

Although Rob denied the speculations, everyone believes he went through the surgery

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  1. Waoh I fell in love with the after photo Lowe should have gone for these procedures before

  2. I feel that it was a great idea for him to go for plastic surgery. He looks totally different. Very handsome

  3. What a good look. The doctors must be serious while doing the job too. Waoh

  4. I feel that it was a great idea for him to go for plastic surgery. He looks totally different. Very handsome

  5. Plastic surgery is never known for such nice results. The guy looks adorable. I was not sure it was him the before photo. Lol

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