Tom Hanks Plastic Surgery

Tom Hanks Plastic Surgery

Tom Hanks was born an American in California on July 1956, as he grew up he had exceptional passion in becoming an actor. In 1977, After college, Hanks was invited to participate in the Great Lakes Shakespeare in Ohio and he ended up spending the following three summers acting in various Shakespeare shows and winning multiple awards.

Tom Hanks is one of the most iconic Hollywood characters, and he was given the title of being the most attractive and charming actor on earth. Though, no one is invulnerable to aging signs. In his 50s and 60s, signs of aging began to show up on his face and body.

Recently, wrinkles in his face and his overall look was changed as many fans have seen. He was looking younger and more youthful which implied that Tom Hanks Plastic Surgery was real as many fans were speculating.

As we can see in the pictures we can say with a degree of certainty that he had Botox shots, though after investigating and asking our sources we were unable to confirm whether he had a face-lift or not. Therefore, we are going to explain what made us reach these conclusions in this article.

Tom Hanks
Surgeries Facelift and Botox
Age Born on 9th of July 1956
BMI 23.6
LBM 78% (Boer formula)
Weight 174 lb
Height 6.0 inch
Skin Color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green

Tom Hanks Plastic Surgery (After)

Tom Hanks Facelift

  • Smoother skin in Tom Hanks forehead area
  • Less overall aging signs
  • Facial Fat distribution was changed
  • There’s sagging skin all around his neck (it should have been addressed in the plastic surgery)
  • Reduced wrinkles around his eyes making him look younger
  • Tom’s cheeks tissue is slightly elevated
  • Nose creases remains the same
  • His chin remains the same
Tom Hanks Plastic Surgery (Aging Signs)

Tom Hanks Plastic Surgery (Aging Signs)

Tom Hanks Plastic Surgery (Face-lift) had a minimal effect as we can see in the pictures. That’s of course if he had a Face-lift in the first place. Though many fans strongly believe he had a Facelift because his facial fat distribution has been changed and his cheeks are slightly elevated.

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No signs of intensive plastic surgery as his upper, middle and lower face looks didn’t change significantly. Based on Tom’s recent pictures, he has less wrinkles and he definitely looks younger.

Tom Hanks Botox shots

  • Wrinkles in Tom’s face were slightly reduced
  • Botox shots has slightly improved his forehead appearance
  • No signs of wrinkles around his eyes (main reason for Botox shots)
  • Minimal effect on Tom Hanks Frown lines

Tom Hanks Plastic Surgery (3)

Was Tom Hanks Plastic Surgery a success? Do you agree on his decision to undergo Botox Shots? Share your opinion with us in the comments section below.

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