Katie Couric Plastic Surgery

Aging is a great thing and gives everyone an opportunity to gain experience in the field they are in. As a journalist, Katie Couric must be having the best journalism skills in the market in her early 60’s. She must be impressed by this and the respect she has among her workmates.

But they must be something she must have noted when she looked in the mirror and she didn’t like it. Due to her age, she must have seemed aging signs which prompted her to take an action. Though she has not agreed to these rumors that she visited the plastic surgeon guy, not everyone will believe that good gene is still in operation at her age. She most probably went to seek the following procedures.

Katie Couric
Surgeries Facelift and Botox shots
Age Born on 7th of January 1957
BMI 22.2
Body Fat
Weight 130 lb
Height 5 ft, 4 in
Waist 27 in
Bra 42C
Skin Color White
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Green

 Facelift Procedure for Katie Couric

Katie Couric Plastic Surgery

When her photos were compared, those that were taken when she was young and those that were taken recently, they almost resemble. You can’t tell the secret that one would have to maintain that youthful look even in her 60s.

The makeup can’t achieve the look that Katie Couric has. The speculations on having facelift could be true because when you look at her after photos, she has a very smooth skin. Her face looks like that of a 30-year-old lady.

The skin is tightened such that they are no crow feet no sagging skin around her eyes and cheeks. She doesn’t look anything like the age of 60. When all her agemates are struggling with wrinkled skin and sagging skin, Katie is having the smooth and flawless skin that all the ladies dream for.

Katie Couric Botox Injection

Katie Couric Plastic Surgery (2)

Katie Couric must have known the secret that facelift has a good compliment and which is the Botox shots. Botox used fillers that put under the skin. They are dangerous if done by inexperienced hands as they can cause long-term effects including blindness.

Katie seems to have known the best surgeon to visit as hers was nicely done. It was light, and no one would easily notice it.  She simply has fuller cheeks, and this submerges the eyebags around the eyes too making her look rejuvenated.

Katie is fortunately lucky as she didn’t overdo her procedures and that could be the reason why she has the guts to deny that she had any procedure done to her.

But are you sure the good genes could still be holding at her age?

Someone to drop a comment and confuse or convince us more.


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