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Duchess of Alba is one incredible woman who had a young heart overflowing with love. She was known as the richest woman in Spain and the only woman who wouldn’t care what people would say about her. She left the public surprised when she decided to do her third wedding with her civil servant who was 27 years younger. Sadly, in her will, she left nothing to the husband as she wrote that Alfonso Diez was interested in her, not her property.

Ranging from lace tights to beautiful bikini wear, Duchess of Alba had denied that age can limit anyone from doing whatever they want including getting a younger lover. She lived her life to the fullest and not a picture was found to show her wrinkled face. All thanks to plastic surgery which she never admitted having used it. Which procedure kept Duchess of Alba young?

Botox Injections

The Duchess of Alba died at the age of 88 years. She must have sort plastic surgery for more than one time, twice, thrice or more than 10 times. Unfortunately, despite her having the riches and vast pieces of land, she seems to have acquired a very bad plastic surgeon.

If this is not the case, the Botox shots were overdone making her look very plastic and at times unrecognizable. Her face’s skin was extremely smooth, and no one would doubt that she used to use the Botox shot to look younger. Just imagine a woman at her 80’s without sagging skin, eye bags and crow feet. Could this be the reason she managed to convince the third husband? May the guy could not predict the age gap.


When you look at the Duchess before and after photos, you notice that her nose was thick at the bridge and had wider openings. The before photo shows that her nose has flattened though not as thick as it was. This is another botched nose job, and something must have gone wrong during her procedure.

The Duchess of Alba is also known to have had other procedures such as the lip injections and fat fillers. She must have combined several procedures to make her look younger though they ended up messing her look.

Do you feel the Duchess of Alba had a well-lived life? What about her botched plastic surgery?

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  1. I am just done with this granny. He looks like a statue

  2. She is a symbol of bad plastic surgery oops

  3. She thought she looked young thus married a young guy

  4. She was never a beautiful woman..why all the pain in this procedures

  5. Overdone overrated overworked granny. She looks aweful

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