Katarina Witt Plastic Surgery

Katarina Witt is German native champion who gained popularity for being a great figure skater. She was born on December 3rd, 1965. As you read this, she has already clocked 52 years of age and she looks nothing close to 30 years of age. One thing that she has not denied or confirmed is whether she had some cosmetic surgery over time. She is still as beautiful as before but this can’t be possible at her age without having gone to the best surgeon in her town.

Remember she is a skater with a great legacy she worn about four gold medals during her career. This must have given her the feeling to remain attractive and charming to help the fans not to easily forget her. When her old and current photos were compared, it is crystal clear that she had the following procedures.

Katarina Witt
Surgeries Facelift, Boob job and Nose job
Age Born on 3th of December 1965
BMI 20.2
LBM 96.12 lb (Boer formula)
Body Fat
ABSI 0.06398
Weight 121.3 lb
Height 5 ft, 5 in
Waist 24 in
Bra 40C
Skin Color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel

Katarina Witt Plastic Surgery

Katarina Witt Facelift Procedure

  • Less sagging skin in Katarina Witt face
  • Katarina looks younger after surgery
  • Less displaced fat making Katarina look more attractive
  • She has less wrinkles in upper face
  • Katarina’s middle face area seems smoother
  • Skin around her eyes seem tighter
  • She has 20s looking neck
  • Reduced excess fat under Katarina’s jawline

The reason that Katarina Witt would have undergone this procedure s to achieve a flawless skin. In the after photo, her skin looks great without a single aging line and no wrinkles. She can only achieve this by undergoing facelift which straightens the wrinkles and smoothens them. No one at her age has achieved such a skin unless they have been to the surgeon.

Katarina Witt Plastic Surgery (2)

Katarina Witt Nose Job

Katarina Witt Plastic Surgery (3)

The purpose of Katrina Witt seeking to have a nose job is to rejuvenate the young look. It was a great idea to have a nice face and then reshape the nose to suit the new face. Her choice of the nose surgeon to perform a nose job is superb since the nose seem to have been done excellently. Sometimes it goes without saying that whenever one has money, you can easily afford the best services in the market.

When you compare her photo after the surgery you will realize that her current nose assumes a thinner shape. This is so cute and fits her face so well.Everyone who knows her appreciates that the nose was not done in excess.

Katarina Witt Boob Job

Katarina Witt Plastic Surgery (4)

When you are a celeb like Katarina no one can’t tell any minor change in your body. A slight change will actually attract a lot of attention. Katarina chest area seems to have changes that are a bit attention seeking. When she was a skater, her chest was nothing much to attract anyone’s attention. It was almost flat and surely it fitted her career by then.

Currently, the facts that fans and media people are speculating that she had some boob job seems right. Her boobs are now all over the chest and are fuller. In fact, they are now huge cup from a small cup. Surely, the boobs fit a young person who she has gone back in time to be one. She is quite amazing. Very charming and every ones nod in agreement to this. What is your opinion?


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