John Elway Plastic Surgery

For all the football lovers, it is obvious that you have watched John Elway on big screens as he played football. Before retiring, he had made history when he was credit the reason behind the win of Superbowl. He is popular for his quarterback part in the Denver Broncos.

One thing is clear to all his fans that age caught up with him and playing football cannot be his thing now. It is his chance now to sit back and watch others play.

Age is not a joke anymore and can ruin ones looks with wrinkles and skin fold all over the face. Even before John Elway retired, the aging signs had already started to show up. This is only evidence if you take a look at his photos while retiring.

Apparently, his most recent photos have very little signs of old age. The rumors have that he has some plastic surgery done to him because he has some other new tasks nowadays. The tasks involve him appearing in cameras and this prompts him to look good.

John Elway
Surgeries Nose job and Botox shots
Age Born on 18th of August 1975
BMI 26.9
Body Fat
Weight 215 lb
Height 6 ft, 3 in
Skin Color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown


John Elway Botox Shots

John Elway Plastic Surgery

Botox procedure is a common way used by aging celebs to iron out the aging signs. It has become popular to those who are still active on their shows or appear now and then on cameras. John Elway had developed sagging skin, especially around the eyes and mouth while he was tiring. He looked very old but this now a thing of the past as Botox shots seem to have worked great for him.

He now has a very smooth skin on his face which can only be achieved by getting such a service. Although this is just speculations, he fans and media journalists got proves from the before and after photos. When compared they give the evidence required.

John Elway Nose Job

Another way of achieving a youthful look could be through a nose job. When one decides to reshape his or her nose, it gives a fresh look to the whole face. But be warned, if this can be done by inexperienced hands, it can really cost you as it is not reversible. Believe it or not, a botched nose job can change how you look and become unrecognizable.

This is not the case with John Elway. He seems to have gone to the right surgeon who changed his initially small nose that was broad to a sharp-tipped nose. This has given him a youthful look and he looks very handsome too. Currently, he is nothing to compare even to his earlier look.

Although some fans feel like John has a plastic look, he has finally achieved a good look though he is yet to confirm what he has done to achieve this.


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