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Kate Middleton transformed magically from a commoner to the Duchess of Cambridge. This news spread like a bushfire but did not her like the rumors which she heard people and media writers spreading that she had plastic surgery.

Sometimes you wonder why celebs get hit with this kind of rumors which hurt them so badly forcing them to talk and stop the spreading. Kate Middleton is a good example of a lady who has been beautiful all through her life.

Whether she gets a child or before such a period, she always maintains her slim body and keeps her looking very young. Despise lack of much differences in her before and after photos, she was slapped with 2 plastic surgery procedures she might have undergone.

The Eyebrow Procedure

Kate Middleton is speculated to have undergone the eyebrow procedure so as attain “power brows”. This is one of the hard procedures to confirm if she truly underwent since this can be achieved by stylish shaping. It is true the slight difference can be seen in her before and after photos, but it is not yet confirmed.

Assumptions are since she is a beautiful lady who has always known how to keep her face make-up superb, maybe she did the nice reshaping.

The Nose Job

Having known that most celebs go for the nose job to get a different shape for their face is common. As most of them look forward to looking young after the nose job, Kate did not seem to have done the nose job though the fans are guessing that she had some rhinoplasty.

Her photos have depicted her nose is thin and well-shaped all times. The reason why it becomes so hard for anyone to conclude that she had any work is done on her nose it is because of the time she came out to deny all the news.

Some celebs tend to ignore the rumors, but Kate was touched, and she had to do something to stop them.

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  1. Why am I so blind to see the changes? The lady looks all the same

  2. The difference is that she has aged gracefully nothing else.

  3. A hot and sexy face. Where can I get the secret for my girlfriend? I doubt it was surgery. You just have the best genes

  4. I am not sure she did the nose job. She can be having difference due to the camera angle

  5. Shut down all the haters. Kate is just blessed with a cute face. She looks great

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