Liu Xiaoqing Plastic Surgery

Liu Xiaoquing is a popular Chinese actress who was born in 1955. She is now 61 years, and no one would guess of her age. She looks like she is in her prime 20 years old. Liu is known of her fame since 1980 when she won the 1980s Cixi in the Burning of the Imperial Palace where she bagged several awards.

Ten years later, she took a break from acting and indulged herself in business and politics. Since then, the fans speculate that she could have ample time to heal from various plastic surgeries. They are several surgeries she is known to have undertaken.

Liu Xiaoqing
Surgeries Facelift and Dental job
Age Born on 30th of October 1935
BMI 22.1
Body Fat
Weight 121 lb
Height 5 ft, 2 in
Waist 28 in
Bra 34B
Skin Color White
Hair color Black
Eye color Black

Liu Xiaoqing Plastic Surgery

Liu Xiaoqing Facelift

Liu Xiaoqing Plastic Surgery (2)

The Chinese Social networking social media was flooded by Liu’s fan in 2012 when she posted a photo of herself that spark debate. She looked way younger and very beautiful and the rumors spread like a spray. Very quickly. Imagine she played a role of a 19-year-old girl when she was 61!

Liu Xiaoqing Plastic Surgery (2)

The made people know some of the procedures that she might have undertaken such as the facelift. The procedure had enabled her to evade the aging lines and sagging skin which most experience at her age.


The neck lift could have been done to complement the facelift and keep off the sagging skin around the neck area. She had a jawline job which could have been recommended to accompany the previous procedures. These procedures have made her achieve a heart-shaped face.

Liu Xiaoqing Cosmetic Dental Work

Liu Xiaoqing Plastic Surgery (4)

The importance of a smile is that it brightens the whole face. Liu might have found it important to reconstruct her smile so that it can glow like that one of a youngster. The procedure surely worked well with her.

There might be a little negative thing that happened during her plastic surgery. She seems to have been left healing a deformity after her facelift procedure known as pixie ear. This is a situation whereby the earlobe gets pulled down towards the jawline and in a fixed position it is fixed to the jawline. This can be reconstructed.

The best news is that she looks very young and beautiful making her remain the best example of plastic surgery job. Though she is yet to confirm these rumors.


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