Seth Macfarlane Plastic Surgery

Seth Macfarlane is 38-year-old guy who works behind the scene for the Family Guy is the talk of the town. His comedy fans guess that he has had several plastic surgeries to improve his look that apparently didn’t impress so much. Anyway, working behind the scene doesn’t demand so much from the character.

In many hilarious situations, it’s known that guys who act behind the scenes could even report to work in pajamas and still make the show very interesting. Ha-ha! Some ladies reported working without makeup and they had little to worry about.

Seth Macfarlane also voices several cartoon characters which he draws his inspiration from. Fans have only noticed a sleeker guy has appeared only when he appears in front of the camera. He only seems to change when Hollywood plastic surgery makeover came calling. There are several procedures he seems to have done.

Seth Macfarlane
Surgeries Facelift, Chin job, Neck job and Botox shots
Age Born on 26th of October 1973
BMI 23.7
LBM 142.2 lb (Boer formula)
Body Fat
ABSI 0.05847
Weight 183 lb
Height 5 ft, 10 in
Waist 26 in
Skin Color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown


Seth Macfarlane Botox and face fillers

  • Botox has clearly reduced Seth Macfarlane facial wrinkles
  • His forehead looks smoother after injections
  • Less drooping brow
  • Reduced wrinkles around Seth Macfarlane eyes
  • His lips are slightly elevated after the face fillers
  • His chin has a smoother contour

Seth Macfarlane Plastic Surgery (2)

Seth’s dream to look good was achieved by undergoing Botox procedure and getting face fillers. In this, he was able to eliminate the wrinkles that start to knock at his age. Currently, he has no sign of aging neither can you tell his exact age by looking at his face alone.

Seth Macfarlane Neck Lift

Seth Macfarlane Plastic Surgery

In accompaniment to this, Seth added some facial etching and neck lift procedures. This was the last nail in the coffin of aging and the youthful look was for him again. He must have been very impressed with his new look. The observation by his fans that he has also lost some weight has added some allegations that he might have undertaken yet another procedure.

Seth Macfarlane Chin job

Seth Macfarlane Plastic Surgery (4)

Why do his fans think that he has also done some chin job? In fact, the guesswork sounds true especially if you compare his before and after photos. Some people feel like the chin appears different due to his weight loss. This can only be disapproved by his after photo that shows his chin very nicely curved and shaped. There must be some chin implants that Seth acquired. This contributes to the beautiful face he has recently acquired.

Being happy about ones look can improve your feel-good hormone of which Seth must have acquired. The results of Seth MacFarlane have led to some fans loving his current look while others don’t. The fact remains that they still enjoy his comedy. Unfortunately, some say that he really looks plastic and he might not be truly happy with himself.

Who thinks that Seth smiles about his look only for the camera and cries all alone in front of the mirror? Drop your best comment in the comment space.


  • Haha I am still laughing because of the fact that he had to do plastic surgery because he had to emerge from behind the scene. I still love his comedy even though his face looks exaggerated nowadays.

  • He is a brainy guy who has done great voicing of many cartoon characters. I still wondering if he is enjoying he look for sure. It looks awful.

  • He is really happy about his current look. You can see it from his photos especially the after photo. That smile is genuine not faked haters!

  • Seriously, she is still handsome and hilarious what else do you want from him? I think he is comfortable in his look. I am done here

  • Who does all those procedures on one face. Cosmetic surgery can really mess someone up like the way Seth look messed up.

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