John Kerry Facelift

John Kerry is a very famous politician in the states for he is the US state secretary. He is not on the list of actor or celebrities though he chose to undergo plastic surgery.  At his age, he is guaranteed to undergo several procedures to at least look younger and stand firmer for political turbulence.

The rumors that he came out to deny say that he has managed to look more than 30 years younger. Which are the procedures he might have undergone?

John Kerry
Surgeries Facelift, Nose job and Botox shots
Age Born on 11th of December 1943
BMI 23.1
Body Fat
Weight 192 lb
Height 6 ft, 4 in
Skin Color White
Hair color Gray
Eye color Blue

John Kerry Facelift

John Kerry Facelift and Botox Injections

It is almost certain that John Kerry has done something to his face of which facelift is among the procedures he might have undertaken. He has a unique look of someone who is his age of 70. His face has gained a smooth feel which has made him look very young.

His eyes that always seem to sag with heavy bags like those of a nurse who has been on the night shift are no more. The skin around the eyes is now tight and he looks like he has just had enough sleep, or he just recovered from crying.

John Kerry Facelift (2)

The face of looks puffy and the wrinkles have been smoothened out.  The forehead is clear, and this makes you mistake the 70+ years old guy for a 40 year. Botox injections and face fillers are the only magicians that can iron the wrinkles and keep the contracting skin tight.

The fillers are active in his cheeks to make them look fuller and rejuvenate his looks. He just followed suit of the aging celebrities who could not stomach looking old and they used these procedures. For him, he might be feeling politically strong and he wants to keep his followers blinded that he is not that old to get to leadership. Is this not a good trick?

John Kerry Nose Job

John Kerry Facelift (3)

His nose didn’t escape the surgeon’s knife too. When his before and after photos are compared, it seems that he had some nose job also known as rhinoplasty procedure. He has a more modern nose which fits the new young face.

John Kerry is still silent on this matter. He has not confirmed or denied the rumors although the guys who work under him dismissed this news as rumors. John Kerry just showed no signs of speaking about it soon.

After all, he looks better and younger and the follows can look forward to getting a young-looking leader.


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