Michael Jordan Plastic Surgery

Michael Jordan is a living legend who played basketball very well and no one would get the ball to the court better than him. The ladies who know what it means to say that the guy is tall dark and handsome were the cheerleaders of Michael in the field.

He also has a short history as a baseball prayer of which he didn’t seem to prosper in it as he did in basketball. Every time you switch on the sports TV, you wouldn’t miss news about the news about Michael Jordan on the basketball court.

He is now retired and supports a certain NBA organization that he grew in. He has had media and fans talking about his change over time. It is obvious to notice that his looks have changed especially the face. If you compare his photos that were taken during his career and the current photos, you will notice that Michael Jordan has undergone some plastic surgery to make him assume a youthful look.

Michael Jordan
Surgeries Chin job and Botox shots
Age Born on 17th of February 1963
BMI 24.7
Body Fat
Weight 214 lb
Height 6 ft, 6 in
Skin Color Black
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown

They are unconfirmed news that he had the following procedures although they are justified by his before and after photos.

Michael Jordan Chin Job

Michael Jordan Plastic Surgery

Most people have sought plastic surgery assistance to alter their various parts of the body especially the nose. There are only two possibilities when you go to the knife guy, you either get it perfectly done or you get a rude shock. The latter is discouraging as it can lead to distortion of one’s looks.

Anyway, Michael Jordan is a guy who always seems to make the right choices one of them being to choose the right surgeon. His chin looks different in that the earlier one was broad and very made the face look round.

His current chin in the before photo assumes a different shape which is well shaped and sharp. This has contributed greatly to a youthful look that makes him look 35.

Michael Jordan Botox Shots

Michael Jordan Plastic Surgery (2)

The aging celebs are fond of Botox shots as they aid to iron out the aging signs. The wrinkle becomes a thing of the past when they get this service. Michael Jordan has not been left out because at his age of 53 he has no wrinkles at all. His cheeks look fuller and no one can tell his exact age. People at his age are struggling with shapeless cheeks but he seems to have known the secret.

This is evident in his before and after photos above. Who thinks that Michael Jordan has been helped by plastic surgery to look great? I hope he comes out clean and clear the air.


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