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Monica Culpepper is a popular Survivor Star who can comfortably pull a bikini photo. She is proudly married to NFL player Brad Culpepper who might be her great motivation to keep fit. Monica has always been so fit and her husband must be the inspiration for sure.

The rumors have it that at the age of 44, it is not easy to look good without the help of cosmetic surgery. There are a few procedures she is suspected to have undergone.

The Tummy Tuck

First and foremost, it is not easy to go through motherhood twice and maintain a flat tummy and a smart body size. Pregnancy is a moment of growth and most of the times for the love of the child in the womb, one cannot die for the sake of good shape.

It is therefore obvious that after the birth of the second child, Monica must have gone under the knife for the tummy tuck. Despite her known love for fitness, at her age, it is not easy to achieve what she has without the help of the knife.

Botox Injection

At the age of around 35, most people find it hard to hide the aging signs. They start showing up and the clever ones go for makeup that hides them while the wise ones go for Botox shots which smoothens the skin and lasts longer.

Monica seems to fall into the category of the wise ones as her face especially the forehead has that baby smooth feel. One can slide on her forehead without feeling a single bump caused by wrinkles. This is only achievable with Botox shots which she has not cleared the air if she had.

The skin around her eyes describes a stretched skin which could be screaming around that she usually has Botox clinics.

Jaw Line Procedure

Most of the aging celebrities who are wise enough and know what they want at the surgeon’s place, will do Botox shots and accompany it with jawline fixation.

As one age, bones around the face seem to start showing up not in a good way. This makes one look very old. Jawline fixing ensures that the jaw bones are reshaped to fit the new face in case the client had undergone another preliminary procedure such as facelift or Botox.

This is a wise way as the Botox fillers will hide the protruding bones. This adds up to youthful look especially if it is done well and not overdone.

Until Monica Culpepper comes out to confirm the secret behind her youthful and nice body, this remains rumors and only her before and after photos seems to confirm the news.

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  1. Oops, the tummy might be well tucked but he looks so a man. Especially the veins in her hands

  2. I am always happy when I see an old mama looking all fit. Nice job Moniq

  3. Serious women will have a serious body whether they give birth or not. She is so cool. I doubt her source of motivation as she could have had excuses

  4. Sexy and perfect body. What else guys? I am out of here

  5. Show me another woman with such a perfect body. Only Monica. Nice look dear

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